Sharing da Love

Sometimes, I think Jatina is a Cat Whisperer.  Because today, when Xedo came around asking for food, Jatina had a plan.  She put down the food and stood waiting for the furious Cienna to come round to try and chase Xedo off.  Then Jatina quickly bent and began petting both of them simultaneously.

It stopped Cienna mid-complaint, and she settled and decided that this was okay.  Xedo found it acceptable, too.

We have speculated that the crux of Cienna rage at our petting Xedo is a fear of being replaced.  Of all those feral kitties, she was the one we brought inside, and she probably has no idea why we choose her.  And now here we are making nice-nice to another kitty.  Maybe she thought we liked Xedo better.

By petting them both together, Jatina made it clear that Cienna is still loved, even if we might also like the Xedo cat now, too.

I am curious to see if Cienna still tries to chase Xedo off today.  Or if now, they’re friends again.

We’ll see…


Is This The Beginning of The Saga of Another Feral Kitty?

Jatina put food out for Tuxedo cat in the sunroom off the porch today.  And Cienna is wandering the house yowling and meowing over the Injustice of this new development.

The thing to remember is this:

Prior to Jatina petting the little guy/gal a week ago, Cienna loved Tuxedo. They played a lot in the yard.

But now?  Ze is the devil.

Oh?  And we’re calling him/her “Xedo” now.

Anyway, ze’s a sweetie.  And little bit lame in one leg.  And Xedo now sleeps on the porch couch.  And Cienna spends every afternoon trying to chase Xedo off.  Which he/she ignores completely, because Cienna is tiny.  Xedo is tiny too, but more solidly built tiny.

We don’t plan to catch Xedo.  But if ze should decide to come inside, ze is quite welcome.  Though there will be a vet vist soon after.







Cienna Both Approves and Disapproves the Feeding of the Other Feral Kitties.

Port Angeles has a rat problem.  When we moved into this house, we discovered that terrible truth with great dismay.  We tried traps and baits but there were just too freaking many of them.

Jatina read on the web that just having cats around can make a huge difference.  Lady mice will not breed in areas where cats frequent.  And so we started feeding the ferals in our neighborhood, which got us Cienna, and also nipped the rat problem in the bud.

Even after we had Cienna, we continued to feed them.  And we now have about four that come by every day for food and water, and shelter under our house.

Cienna seems to think that this is just fine.  She behaves as if she is now the patron saint of feral kitties.  She meows at us if we forget to put food out, and a cat is outside waiting.  And she does not touch that food, but sits nearby and watches them eat, very benevolently.  She even plays with a couple of them regularly.

One kitty, a little tuxedo cat, has become braver over the months and has taken to meowing at us if he sees us in the yard and wants food.  As time has passed, he has come closer and closer to us, but has never come close enough to let us touch him.  But today, Jatina waited very patiently with an outstretched hand with food in it, and he finally came close enough.  She tentatively reached out to pet his head, and he allowed it.

Then, from behind came an outraged meow, and Cienna leaped over, tail puffed, and scared him off.

I guess feeding the ferals is just fine.  But we best not get any screwy ideas about bringing home another one…


He did come back and eat later.  Don’t worry!  He haz full tummy.



Zap! Pow!

I was talking about Cienna’s ZONES OF SAFETY in my last post.  And I wanted to comment on a new development regarding the computer and my room.

When Cienna first discovered the joys of sitting in my lap while I was on the computer, it was because I was playing “Cat Interest” videos for her.  But what really sold it, was when she saw the computer games.

She noted, very quickly, that when I clicked the mouse or keyboard, stuff happened to the things on the monitor.  I was playing a Turn-Based Game called Shadowrun, and she would sit in the crook of my left arm, wait for me to touch the keyboard or mouse, then turn to the monitor to see what would happen.  It was adorable.

But now I am playing BIOSHOCK INFINITE.  And there are explosions and bloodshed and Cienna LOVES IT.

I think that what she finds so satisfying is that all the things running at us are Big, Bad and SCARY.  But if I click the keyboard and mouse I kill them, making Cienna and I Bigger and Badder.  She leans forward to see more, and reaches out her little, dark-furred paws and kneads the air in happy satisfaction.  Which is even funnier when you understand that this cat NEVER KNEADS unless she is watching me kill things on the computer.

She’s actually in here right now wandering irritated circles around my chair because I am only writing.  Cienna wants BIOSHOCK and bloodshed, not tappy-tappy on the keyboard.

She’s such a cute, little, blood-thirsty killer.


We came home tonight from a shopping expedition to a ticked off, wee, feral cat. Cienna waited until Jatina sat down on the couch to run up, smack her once with a soft paw, meep, and nip Jatina three times … before fleeing. This is how Cienna says she dislikes us leaving her alone for so long.

I fear we didn’t scold her. It’s hard to. She’s so cute. And to be fair, Cienna’s nips are barely pinches. Plus … it is kinda hard to take an attack by an Angry Tribble seriously. Because, damn, she is! She is a tribble! She’s furry, all dark, with an almost invisible nose, and when you look at her all you see is fuzzball, with big eyes, trying to be scary. I mean, look at that face!


And it doesn’t help that Cienna’s GO TO sound for expressing deep displeasure is “Meep!”. It’s kinda hard to fear a “Meep!”

If she isn’t meeping, she’s burring. She talks to herself about absolutely everything. It’s constant. She burrs when she comes into a room, and burrs when she leaves it. Burrs if she finds something interesting to play with, burrs when she hops on the couches. Burrs if we move, turn on a light, give her a snack, pet her, everything. Burr. Burr. Burr.

But it’s “MEEP!!” if you tick her off.

In other news, Cienna has sectioned off the house into ZONES OF SAFETY. Each room has it’s own Danger Level. The kitchen is the worst.

In the kitchen, no one can touch The Cienna. She is extremely careful to never let us get too close. She hides and watches us warily. And if we do come too close, she flees in a panic, regardless if we whether or not we were looking at her.

But take a few steps out of the kitchen to sit on the couch and you are now in another Zone. Here she is a bit more sociable. She plays, she wanders around us, wrapping her tail around our legs, but she still resists being picked up.

And in the bedrooms … Cienna now wants to be held. All the time. Extra points if you are on the computer and you need both hands. Because Cienna wants to be held in an arm so she can see what you are doing. She hops up with her tiny paws and burrs at you. She’ll do it twice. You get two chances. Because if you haven’t picked her up by the third time, you get a “meep”, and a smack.

Then there is the bathroom. The bathroom is a special place. It is Cienna’s favorite room. This is where she bonds with us by … racing into it every time one of us makes a move toward the back of the hall. And then she hops in her cat box and waits. So we can … go together.

Being a Fixed Lady has changed one thing though. Cienna has upgraded the living room to a “Safe to Sleep on Human Laps” zone. This began a day after she was back from the vet. And she’s become pretty insistent about that lap sleeping. If you perch on the couch and do not lean back to provide a lap, she will stare at you in disdain, before meeping and giving you a smack.

But it’s not all Meeps and Burring. There is her … irksome tendency to test if other things in the house can be used as cat boxes. This … is also getting better. But one tip for anyone looking at taming a feral kitten? Fake suede on furniture is quite water resistant. Thank God.

And then there is the trauma thing. Cienna still has some serious trauma about trusting people when she sleeps. Whenever she hops into a lap, or allows herself to be held, and then gets sleepy, the moment she begins to relax, she starts trembling. This has been a fairly consistent behavior from the moment she left her kitty bag and became more autonomous. And I suspect something pretty bad happened to her when she was sleeping with her momma and siblings, because she never does it when she’s sleeping alone. Only if she’s on a lap or in someone’s arms.

It’s disconcerting. Because she so obviously wants to be with us when she sleeps now. But it scares her. Poor wee baby. But, as I said, it is getting better, and the trembling stops in only a few moments now if we cuddle her. So we cuddle the BeJeezers out of her as often as we can.

And I think that’s all for now. I wish you all well. And that you’ll be planting flowers this Spring.

L.F.K. For Balance

Having uploaded a sad and angry kitten, I had to find and upload a video where she was obviously much happier.

Spoiled, yes, but happier.

About the “Plant Drugs”, Cienna eats our Airplane plants as if they are her personal salad bar.  I joke that they are her drugs because several sites claim cats like them so much because they affect them a bit like Catnip.  But are quite safe in most cases.

Such a little monkey!