So, It Begins…

The little, feral kitten is coming out a lot more when we’re awake — as long as we show no evidence of going into the garage.

We see her exploring more on the camera feed, chasing bugs, stretching and cleaning. So she’s doing better. And I think she really likes the garage, and it’s heater, and free, yummy food.

Because she has adapted, we have decided to move forward with our evil plan to catch her, and have moved a giant, rottweiler, dog crate in there.  Inside is a cardboard box to sleep/hide in, a blanket, and a food bowl.

When we did this — moved the big, new thing in there with her — we suspected that we would not see her again for days.  But? Surprisingly?  She seems to like it.

She hasn’t gone inside the dog crate, but she has no problem hanging around outside it.  She eats, wanders around, and sits by the heater much more than before.

And I think it is because she has decided that it provides yet another obstacle between her and the door.  Allowing easier escape, should one of us come in unexpectedly, making it safer for her to be out and about.

And that’s where we are today.

Our plan is to let her get used to it for a few days, then set the crate door up with a string to pull it shut, and catch her.  Then we’ll bring her inside in it.  (Poor kitten!)


From the 14th: Kitty discovers that we left HAM in the garage for her, and she carefully takes it all to her safe place.

Kitty discovers big, new, scary thing in her garage, and is wary.  But eventually, the lure of yummy food wins out.


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