How Evil Humans Catch Feral Kittens…

Well … we’ve set up our kitty trap. It is a very large, dog crate, with a string tied to the door, and through the cage, and into my room via an old, TV cable wire hole. I can watch the camera feed while I play on the computer, and know when the kitten has entered the box.

We’ve tested it. It works. And if all goes well, sometime tonight, or tomorrow, we’ll have a kitty.

Our plan after?

We have a place in the living room that creates a little nook. It’s right next to the couch, and has walls on two sides, and is just big enough to put the crate in. We plan to build bookcases there later, but for now? It will make a temporary place to put kitty and her crate, that should make her feel a bit more secure.

Then … we plan to spend one quiet day listening to radio shows. We won’t watch tv because that sometimes make our Maggie Dog bark. And we want only quiet sounds in the house for the first 24 hours.

And the next day we go to The Home Depot to buy two, 4×8 sheets of plywood and get to work on the Feral Cat Tree.   Which, with any luck, will be done in two days. Then we will transfer her to that.

There will be videos and stuff when all this starts to happen. But for now? Wish us luck. And send calming wishes to the little fur baby, as I suspect this will be stressful on her.


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