Saga of the Little, Feral Kitten

(The Saga of the Little, Feral Kitten.Originally posted to my Facebook Page … but archived here so it can be read in order, and not lost to FB Hell.)


Wish us luck. We have been putting out food for the feral kitties, and one of them has started coming every day.

This is the little guy or girl. He/she is very timid and frightened of everything. But we’ve coaxed him/her into eating in the covered area by our door, and now… we’ve moved it into our garage. We’re hoping, in a day or two, to … trap the baby. And then sit in there with them every day, reading, and talking, until they are brave enough to approach us. That’s the plan.

Wish us luck!

The Video after we moved the food, and left the garage open.  It’s so Scary!


Do We Haz Kitten?

I think … we caught her.  But I’ll be darned if I know where she is.  She hides gooood.

Not that the garage is without its hidey spaces.  It is full of boxes, shelves, and various stuff.  And that back room only has a dirt floor, and we worry about the possibility of an escape hole we haven’t seen yet.

And — we don’t want to search her out, because she’s probably terrified and needs to hide right now.  Poor baby!  Where ever she is.

But!  We are humans, and clever, and have technology!  And have set up a camera in the garage by the food, so we should know soon!

A video of the terrible trap.  She was pretty wary…

Humans are Scary!

Yep!  We caught her.  Poor, scared Baby!

A recent conversation about the feral kitten in our garage.

Teresa: I just wanna pick her up and cuddle her so bad!

Jatina: That would probably lead to your needing stitches.

Of course, a short while after catching her, Jatina suddenly remembered a bucket of motor oil in the back room that shouldn’t be in there.  And went in to remove it.  And, (ahem) … found the kitten.

Little, Feral, Garage Kitten

I thought I would make a quick update about our little feral kitty.

Not much is happening. We are just sitting in there every day and talking softly. And she … never comes out … until long after we’re gone.  Like hours after.

But? She really, really, really loves the food we put out for her. She even gave a tiny stretch last night after eating it.

Last night’s feast was stewed pork meat, with broth soaked oatmeal, with a side dish of IAMS kitten chow.

Here’s a VIDEO  of her chowing down later that afternoon.

So, It Begins…

The little, feral kitten is coming out a lot more when we’re awake — as long as we show no evidence of going into the garage.

We see her exploring more on the camera feed, chasing bugs, stretching and cleaning. So she’s doing better. And I think she really likes the garage, and it’s heater, and free, yummy food.

Because she has adapted, we have decided to move forward with our evil plan to catch her, and have moved a giant, rottweiler, dog crate in there.  Inside is a cardboard box to sleep/hide in, a blanket, and a food bowl.

When we did this — moved the big, new thing in there with her — we suspected that we would not see her again for days.  But? Surprisingly?  She seems to like it.

She hasn’t gone inside the dog crate, but she has no problem hanging around outside it.  She eats, wanders around, and sits by the heater much more than before.

And I think it is because she has decided that it provides yet another obstacle between her and the door.  Allowing easier escape, should one of us come in unexpectedly, making it safer for her to be out and about.

And that’s where we are today.

Our plan is to let her get used to it for a few days, then set the crate door up with a string to pull it shut, and catch her.  Then we’ll bring her inside in it.  (Poor kitten!)


From the 14th: Kitty discovers that we left HAM in the garage for her, and she carefully takes it all to her safe place.

Kitty discovers big, new, scary thing in her garage, and is wary.  But eventually, the lure of yummy food wins out.

How Evil Humans Catch Feral Kittens…

Well … we’ve set up our kitty trap. It is a very large, dog crate, with a string tied to the door, and through the cage, and into my room via an old, TV cable wire hole. I can watch the camera feed while I play on the computer, and know when the kitten has entered the box.

We’ve tested it. It works. And if all goes well, sometime tonight, or tomorrow, we’ll have a kitty.

Our plan after?

We have a place in the living room that creates a little nook. It’s right next to the couch, and has walls on two sides, and is just big enough to put the crate in. We plan to build bookcases there later, but for now? It will make a temporary place to put kitty and her crate, that should make her feel a bit more secure.

Then … we plan to spend one quiet day listening to radio shows. We won’t watch tv because that sometimes make our Maggie Dog bark. And we want only quiet sounds in the house for the first 24 hours.

And the next day we go to The Home Depot to buy two, 4×8 sheets of plywood and get to work on the Feral Cat Tree.   Which, with any luck, will be done in two days. Then we will transfer her to that.

There will be videos and stuff when all this starts to happen. But for now? Wish us luck. And send calming wishes to the little fur baby, as I suspect this will be stressful on her.

We Haz Kitty!

Yep.  We caught her.

She’s in the house. Safe in her corner, hiding in the cardboard box inside the dog crate.

We’ve turned off the lights, and plan to sit up and listen to Coast to Coast, quietly tonight. Basically, we plan to just sit in there with her while she adjusts to the new circumstances.

She is SO TINY! I know the videos make her look bigger, but they do tend to alter perspective. But her little paws, clinging to the side of the dog box … are only about an inch wide. About the width of my thumb.

Poor wee baby!! At least she has a cozy corner.

We’ve turned the heat down very low tonight. So it’s about what the garage would have been. Maybe a hair warmer. We want her comfy, not too hot.

I’ll post more tomorrow sometime.

The video of the Cat Catch.

A couple of notes on the video. I came in to check the video feed just about where this movie starts. And so, I was sitting there, in my dark room, heart pounding, hoping she would go all the way into the crate.

She did … but not quite enough. And I was soooo worried I’d catch her tail. But then … finally, she went in enough, and we caught her.

Note how she panics, but then thinks it through, and actually realizes that it’s the evil string that is the fault of the door shutting — and goes after it. Twice!

Then Jatina comes into the room properly lock the door, and it’s a toss up for which of them is more upset by our cat catch: Kitty or Jatina

Not Feeling Socialable.

We put some bacon on a plate for her, hoping to coax her to eat, and maybe begin to think we might be friends, and the first time we left the room, she dragged the paper plate with bacon into her tiny, cardboard box.

So, we have Invisible Cat.

We expect that to be the case for a while.

Today? Is quiet day. Tomorrow, we begin work on the Feral Kitty Tower.