Waiting is Hard.

ARGH!!!  Kitty ain’t coming out tonight.

Kitty ain’t coming out tonight!  I’m going crazy!!!

In my defense? We have been camera watching for over 24 hours!  Well … almost. We did sleep in between. But she hasn’t come out at all!!!!


We Haz Kitty!

Yep.  We caught her.

She’s in the house. Safe in her corner, hiding in the cardboard box inside the dog crate.

We’ve turned off the lights, and plan to sit up and listen to Coast to Coast, quietly tonight. Basically, we plan to just sit in there with her while she adjusts to the new circumstances.

She is SO TINY! I know the videos make her look bigger, but they do tend to alter perspective. But her little paws, clinging to the side of the dog box … are only about an inch wide. About the width of my thumb.

Poor wee baby!! At least she has a cozy corner.

We’ve turned the heat down very low tonight. So it’s about what the garage would have been. Maybe a hair warmer. We want her comfy, not too hot.

I’ll post more tomorrow sometime.

The video of the Cat Catch.

A couple of notes on the video. I came in to check the video feed just about where this movie starts. And so, I was sitting there, in my dark room, heart pounding, hoping she would go all the way into the crate.

She did … but not quite enough. And I was soooo worried I’d catch her tail. But then … finally, she went in enough, and we caught her.

Note how she panics, but then thinks it through, and actually realizes that it’s the evil string that is the fault of the door shutting — and goes after it. Twice!

Then Jatina comes into the room properly lock the door, and it’s a toss up for which of them is more upset by our cat catch: Kitty or Jatina

Not Feeling Socialable.

We put some bacon on a plate for her, hoping to coax her to eat, and maybe begin to think we might be friends, and the first time we left the room, she dragged the paper plate with bacon into her tiny, cardboard box.

So, we have Invisible Cat.

We expect that to be the case for a while.

Today? Is quiet day. Tomorrow, we begin work on the Feral Kitty Tower.

Falls on Face.

It might have been our 24 hour camera watch, waiting for that moment when we could trip the trap. Or maybe it is just knowing that the little baby kit is probably scared spitless in her cardboard box in the crate. But? I am so tired, I can’t even sleep. I am just brain-dead tired.

Please send calming wishes and prayers to our new baby. Her name, by the way, is Cienna. Which is taken from two languages and means, “Shadow”.

One good sign? Is she did eat her bacon after we went to bed. That’s good.

Baby Kitty Steps

So, she did not come out of the cardboard box inside the crate all day. Until just now.

We left the room for an hour, and she came out and USED THE CAT BOX!  Yay!!!!  And then ate food.  While we were IN the house, making noise, but just not in the same room.

We are so proud of her!

Edited to add a photo of the Very Angry Kitty in her cardboard box.  And of course, it wasn’t us that threw the cat sand all over the inside of the dog crate.  That was a brief tantrum, which is completely understandable.


Tiny Ferociousness

Last night, she made noise.

Most of it involved what we believe was an attempt to dig out of the dog crate via her cat box. It did not work. And frustrated, she began to meow a “I am MAD as Hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!” … but very quietly. Like a small, angry whisper.

Which, I find adorable, amusing, and sad, in equal measures.

By the way:
We still have never seen her in daylight.
One day…

Kitten, Fortress of Doom!

I thought I’d put up my basic layout for the Feral Kitten Tower, so everyone interested would know what I am talking about when I reference it.

Also … I know some of you may be better at woodworking than I am, and might see an obvious mistake that I missed.

That said, I think it’s cool so far.

Notes on the FKT:

We do not plan to stain/varnish it. I worry about fumes. I plan to look into wood wax instead.

The second “floor” has a wider section because it’s where the cat box will be. The bottom floor will have food/water.

About the front doors: We want the bottom section to open separately so she can escape to the top floors when we change things out. We also do not intend to open the top door, unless absolutely necessary, because we suspect she’ll feel safer if she doesn’t know it opens right now.

The Tower Top is for her to stare down upon us mere mortals when she is feeling confident enough to do so. And the side balcony is for peeking out the window.

The doors will also have about two, 50 cent, sized peek holes per section. We also plan to bolt the structure to the wall.

I think that’s everything.